I turned this letter in to my supervisor today.

February 4, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

In my ten years with the Jordan School District, I have learned a tremendous amount from the wonderful people with whom I’ve been able to associate. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure.

Therefore, it is with humility and thankfulness for all of the opportunities and trust that I’ve been thus far given that I must now announce my intent to resign from the Jordan School District in order to pursue employment with the Canyons School District as their Director of Technology Services. To say that my emotions about this transition are mixed would be an understatement but as we move forward in the coming months, I sincerely hope that ours will continue to be a working relationship – dedicated to improving the learning experience of the students we serve.


Darren Draper
Huge opportunity for me and my family. Huge opportunity for me to promote positive change. And a huge opportunity for us as leaders of this newly forming district to create an organization that can best address the needs of our students today.

I guess this means I'll have to update my blog's sidebar. :)

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