The Time Will Be Now

[So this is a little something I wrote the other day when I was in "creative" mode. Personally, I think it might be a good start for a message to accompany photos or video like this, but in (brief) video form.

What do you think: Too cheezy or just cheezy enough to be good? You can be honest, I can take it. Just between you and me, one thing I really don't like about this post is how I don't really provide folks with the "how".]

I see a time when humanity is surrounded by technology.
-----A time of confusion, noise, and static.
----------A time of communication, collaboration, and cohesion.

I see a time when technology is everywhere but nowhere,

-----a kind of white noise,
---------------taken for granted,

A time when “social” means “global” and when “global” means “now”.

I see a time when schools are no longer required for learning.
-----A time when learning is


-----independent of when and where,
----------guided by why,
---------------and in answer to how.

I see a time when coming to understand is
-----never compulsory,
----------but naturally engaging,
---------------and steadily differentiated.

A time when assessment is continuous, non-threatening, and…
I see a time when purpose drives learning,
-----when topic lives unbounded by subject,
----------and when tools for learning extend far beyond their
---------------originally intended use.

A time when networks function for and with the learner:
-----diverse, highly focused, and free.

I see a time when
teachers will be
students alongside
students that are
because teachers and students will one day be as one.

The time I see is now.
Or is it?

Image Source: Flickr user fotologic.

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