He's Actually Talking to You

Why Gary shouldn't have to name names (and how the shoe fits every last one of us):

To those outside the field of reading, the never-ending Reading Wars must appear to be much ado about nothing: an annoying philosophical quarrel indulged in by professionals who have planted themselves on opposing sides of the phonics versus whole-language fence... It is important that [we all] realize that the tactics used to control reading instruction are directed at all fields of education and that we are all vulnerable to the scientific revolution of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Therefore, we all need to understand the mentality and the tactics of those who are promoting scientific research as the cure-all for what ails the schools. The ethical and procedural imperatives of good science are now particularly relevant to all areas of education. (Garan, 2005, p. 438)
More to come shortly.

  • Garan, E. (2005). Murder your darlings: A scientific response to The voice of evidence. Phi Delta Kappan, 86(1), 438-443.
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