Twitter: 1 Year + 2 Days Later

I suppose my discussion the other day about Twitter and its effect upon writing wasn't entirely fair.

While I was focusing entirely upon the writing aspect of Twitter, I ignored completely the social interaction of the network.

That, in and of itself, is what makes Twitter so invaluable. Ever heard of networked learning?

Twitter is the PLN (aka PLE) that made PRN famous (aka the official food of the network).

Which is what makes Twitter so fun/valuable/interesting.


Twitter is *far more* than letting STALKERS know your answers to the question "What are you doing?"

In fact, I would estimate that less than 20% of my posts to Twitter actually address what I'm doing.

Moreover, it's not even about the 140.


Not even close.


Twitter is about connections. Twitter is about people. Twitter is about learning, interacting, and experiencing. Together. As a network.

Twitter is *my* Personal Learning Environment. Or at least an integral part of it.

Twitter: association, collusion, combination, fraternization, joint effort, participation, partnership, teamwork, working together. Ahhhhh.

And I honestly think that participating in social networks (like Twitter) can/will actually elevate your thinking.

Elevate. Your. T h i n k i n g.

You know, I also think that (surprisingly) Twitter can be about creative writing.

At least I *think* it can.

But then again, I've been (1) writing for years, (2) didn't grow up with Twitter, and have (3) known life pre-IM-Speak.

Our kids have not.

Do they understand that writing in paragraphs longer than 140 characters can actually *expand* one's thinking?

o hav our kds LernD dat ltl chunks of thawt R simply gud Enuf?

In conclusion...

The American writer (and teacher) William Zinsser once stated that "Writing is thinking on paper."

If *writing* IS *thinking* then what will --- future thought --- look like?

Here's to the hope that it doesn't always L%k lIk DIS!

In 140 characters or less.

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