OpenPD - Join Us For Round 3

At this point in time, I'm happy to report that an additional round of Open Professional Development will be beginning soon - continuing on the discussion we began last month - freely available to any interested educator.

Beginning Wednesday, March 26, at 3:00 PM (MDT) - and continuing for the subsequent five Wednesdays at the same time - we will be learning advanced topics related to using wikis and blogs with our students.

To participate from the comforts of your own building, this is what you'll need:

  • An Internet-connected computer, preferably with speakers and a microphone.
  • Visit the OpenPD "Get Connected" page to become acquainted with the learning environment. This is "where" class will be held on March 26.
  • Optional: Create your own (free) Ustream account so that you may participate in the class chat-room.
  • Optional: Download, install, and create your own free Skype account so that you may participate in the audio call.
Finally, to learn more about OpenPD - what it is and why we do it - you may wish to view the podcast I recently created.

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