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The Innovate journal of online education is accepting article submissions for an upcoming special issue. This special issue will focus on trends, pressures, and evolutions shaping the future of education in all its forms, with particular consideration of the role of information technologies in creating that future.

Whatever the future holds for education, it is clear that information technologies will play a role. The creative use of information technology can enhance education processes, enabling educators to meet new challenges and reshape education's role in society. The technologies of education, and the use of technology in education, are both drivers of change and indicators of future directions.

According to James Morrison (Innovate Editor-In-Chief), submissions for this special issue may address, but are not limited to, these key issues:

  1. What does the "rise of the amateur" in media, music, and news industries suggest for education providers of the future?
  2. What is the role of universities and colleges when the world's information is at the fingertips of learners, without the mediation of experts? Or when experts make those resources freely available through MIT's OpenCourseWare or Open University’s OpenLearn?
  3. Is a copyright system designed to protect physical objects—books, magazines, and journals—capable of serving the digital knowledge needs of the next generation?
  4. How can technological tools be used by developed countries to assist emerging countries in educating their people?
  5. How should governance and leadership be structured in educational institutions facing exponential change?
  6. Are existing research agendas and methodologies capable of answering the knowledge needs of the next generation?
  7. Do our existing theories of learning reflect how digital natives learn in the information age?
If you would like to submit a manuscript on this topic, please send it to the guest editor of this issue, George Siemans ( and to James Morrison ( no later than October 15, 2007.
Quick Editorial Comment - It seems to me that people interested in getting together to discuss The Cult of the Amateur should put their discussion to use. In my humble opinion, they should employ Google Docs (or create a page on the wiki) to write a joint paper that addresses the issues of topic 1 (above). You know, put this brain power toward an addition to the literature (Innovate is as close to an online peer-reviewed journal as you're going to get). It would truly be refreshing to see more bloggers contribute to the bulk of scholarly literature.
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