My Take On The iPhone

Enough already. I know it's super iCool. I realize it will let you look up maps to closest iPlace you can order iCalamari, while you're watching iPirates.

But the iPhone's outrageous iPrice has kept me from ever buying this beauty. And I even have (and prefer using) a Mac.

Forgive me for not falling for it, but is any phone really worth $2,000? That's right: two grand - American. By my calculations, it's going to cost every iPhool that buys an iPhone at least $2,000 for the first two iYears - and that's for the cheapest plan (a measly 450 minutes a month!). You can buy a lot of textbooks for that kind of money. Er, you can buy SOME textbooks for that kind of money. Or calculators. Or $100 laptops. Or even cell phones!

Nevertheless, the iPhone would make a fabulous learning tool. I would absolutely love to have my students do a math assignment using maps, GPS, and the cheapest price for calamari (all with photos taken by the students, of course, uploaded to Flickr on the fly). Let's keep it real, though. With the iPhone's outrageous price, it just doesn't add up.

Perhaps that's why we don't see this very often as our students line the halls to enter our iClassrooms.

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