Canyons District Film Festival - Incredible Display of Talent and Inspiration

The 4th Annual Canyons District Film Festival was held Thursday night at Eastmont Middle School.

Just when I start to think a project requires too many resources, too much time, and too much sweat, I attend the event resulting from the project and end up so pleasantly surprised I can hardly contain myself. This year's Festival was so polished, I was in awe and impressed throughout the entire night!

Without question, the student work on display at the Film Festival was inspiring! Beyond the films themselves, the evidence of strong partnerships between students, parents, and schools brought a smile to my face from ear to ear. Even so, the best part about attending an event like this is seeing the faces of student winners as their videos are shown up on the big screen.

Whereas a comprehensive list of Festival entries, nominees, and winners can be found here, a few of my favorites are embedded below. If you've got a few minutes to watch, you'll be glad you did. I've included my takes in italics.

Elementary Animation Winner
"Skittles Magic" - Kyann Otterstrom - Canyon View Elementary

Fun! The creativity displayed in this fun stop-motion animation is fascinating to watch.

Secondary Documentary Winner
"Bullying" - Alicia Gallegos, Danean Imboden, Brianna Groesbeck, Kelsie Bush - Crescent View Middle

Touching. The story of Amanda Todd is a tragic one. It was neat to see this documentary help her story to improve the awareness - and ultimately the lives - of students in our community. I also loved seeing these students go through the process of receiving permission to mix copyrighted material.

Elementary Feature Film Winner
"Surviver Mans" - Forrest Kunz, Matthew Turner - Ridgecrest Elementary

Hilarious! Being a fan of the original Man vs. Wild series, I couldn't stop laughing during my first experience with this clip. What (elementary!) kids won't do to stave off boredom on a winter's Saturday in Utah. Their parents must be so proud!

Secondary Feature Film Winner
"Fwd: FORWARD" - David Skorut, Marshall Blessing - Hillcrest High

Intense. A real heart-pounder, this clip does an outstanding job building tension and suspense while omitting the violence we'd rather not have our younger audience see. As I watched this on the big screen, I think I almost had a heart attach. Made me want to forward every piece of spam I get.

Poster Contest Winner
David Skorut - Hillcrest High

I'm already excited about next year's Festival. The poster below was created by David Skorut (who's quickly becoming a local celebrity) and will be used to advertise the event next year.

Great job students, on-stage talent, and skillful specialists behind the scene! You made this year's Film Festival a complete success!

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