When Words Would Indicate Otherwise

Two weeks ago, Lawrence Lessig joined Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report. In their interview, they discussed copyright and the re-mix culture that so widely saturates our society. While Lessig argued that remixing is good and Colbert stringently balked against its advocacy, in the end they were both successful at achieving their goal.

Here's the original interview:

And here are three of a growing number of remixes that have been created since, effectively illustrating that Colbert got exactly what he wanted in the first place. I mean really. Who wouldn't want free exposure and advertising created and liberally promoted by fans that would willfully work for the tribe?

Pure genius.

Thus, viral marketing becomes an art form (and truly effective) when you're able to convince others to do what you want them to do, even though your words just might indicate otherwise.

Sounds like a skill we need to need teachers to acquire, doesn't it.

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