Help with Amazing List of Book Reviews

I could use your help with this one. Cindy Mitchell, an extremely competent media specialist in our district, has created an amazing list of book reviews for use in any school library.

And when I say amazing, I really mean huge and amazing.

While she's create the list using static HTML pages, she's toyed with porting her work over to a blog. This alone will provide people with an opportunity to discuss the books - one book per post - but it also means she has to update both the blog and her static site for every review she writes. Additionally, it means that she still has to update her table of contents - by hand - every time.


What she really needs is a one-stop-shop for entering her reviews, a place that not only can display her review, but create an index of her reviews - likely sortable by author, subject, reading level and keyword.

What do you think? Got any bright ideas I can pass along to her?

Image source: Flickr user shaletann.

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