Dissertation Topic Change(?): The Creation of the Canyons School District

Several months later, and I'm ready to shift dissertation gears back in to high, but have felt - for some time now - that a change in topic is most likely imminent.

It's not that I've lost interest in the the topic of open professional development, but rather that because the creation of a new school district doesn't happen every day, I feel strongly compelled to evaluate what has taken place as we've experienced the birth of the Canyons School District. The ride has been wild, affected a large number of people, and remains a highly charged, politically vibrant, emotionally taxing controversy to this day.

Over the last few days, I've been able to scratch out an outline for what I hope will actually work; and I'd love to hear what you think:

  • Is this dissertation do-able?
  • Does the study have merit?
  • Is the study too large/small/fast/slow for a dissertation?
  • How would you recommend that I control for bias?
Thanks, in advance, for any feedback you'd be willing to give (open document here).

Quick hat tips to Jon Becker and Hollie Petterson, for always seeming so willing to answer my stupid grad-student-type questions. :)

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