Taking Your Network With You

Building on and in response to Steve Hargadon's CNN-Facebook Mashup: We Should Be Able to Do the Same Thing:

  1. There is definite value in being able to take your network with you. Why else do you think our kids cling so desperately to their cellphones?
  2. The power of embedding is absolutely amazing.
In order to create a publicly accessible/shared page that can be used to discuss any streamed content or event, I've used Pageflakes' Pagecast feature and two Anything Flakes. In one flake goes the streamed content. In the other goes an iframe with the web-based Twitter client of your choice. For my example, I've used Twitter's mobile client. I like it because it's very clean but wish that it included avatars with each tweet.

Check out the Pagecast here (http://www.pageflakes.com/darren.draper/) and let me know what you think. Or more importantly:
  • How do you think a page like this could change the way we experience conferences?

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